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x Testimonials

"We received the table and love it!! It is apparent that Creative Touch put a lot of love into the making of their tables; we set it up quickly and could immediately feel a strong, positive energy emanating from the table."

-- Steve & Debby

"I was simply amazed when I opened the box. Thank you for such a fine product. I'm delighted with it."

-- Linda Kay Clouser

"Thank you so much for the personalized service. I appreciated your honesty and attention to our needs."

-- Anne & Mark Trishu'

"Thank you so much for sending such a beautiful work of art to my home. The design of your tables is truly an inspiration! Thanks again for being such an outstanding company."

-- Lisa

"The first time I saw and received a massage on one of your Oval tables, I really knew that's what I wanted. They are superior; that's all there is to it!"

-- Sheri Stewart

"Thank you for going out of your way to get me a massage table in such short notice. I really admire the quality that you put into the making of your tables. It is easily seen."

-- Unknown

"Just wanted to write and thank you for bringing a dream of three and a half years to reality for me. I'm referring to The Oval. It is such a beautifully crafted table and the design excels that of any other table on the market. When I was attending massage school everyone preferred The Oval. You were so helpful and thoughtful each time I called, which means a lot."

-- Pamela Briscoe

"I love my table! And my clients love it, too! It's so beautiful. I'm so grateful to you for extending so much to me. I will support you in any way I can."

-- Patti

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